Timber Frame Tools & Equipment

(TimberFrameHub) Listed here are multiple timber frame tools and equipment. Share this with the many buttons located at the bottom of each page.

Power Tools

Mafell Portable Bandsaw

Mikeska Portable Bandsaw

Oliver Portable Bandsaw

Makita 16-5/16″ 414mm Circular Saw

Makita 13-1/4″ 335mm Circular Saw

Skilsaw 7-1/4″ Wormdrive Circular Saw

Makita Chain Mortiser

Makita 12-1/4″ Beam Planer

Makita 6-3/4″ Power Planer

Festool 3-1/4″ Rabbet Planer

Virutex Curved Sole Planer

Hand Tools

Ryoba 12″ 300mm Handsaw

Sorby 1-1/2″ Timber Framing Chisel

Barr 1-1/2″ Timber Frame Chisel

Timber Framer’s Bisaiguë

30-Ounce Mallet Wood Is Good

Lie-Nielsen No.140 Skew Block Plane

Lie-Nielsen No.10-1/4 Rabbet Bench Plane


Veritas Mk.II Power Sharpening System

Joinery Podger Pins

Lug-All 1/2 Ton Cable Hoist

WoodOwl 1″x18″ Ultra Smooth Auger

Heavy Equipment

Roust-A-Bout Material Lift

Layout Tools

Stanley 24″x16″ Framing Square & Rule

Veritas Framing Square Gauge Set

Tenon Offset Tool

Borneman Layout Template Square & Rule

Layout Speed Square & Rule

Irwin 12″ Combination Square & Rule

Indelible Pencils

Marking Mechanical Pencil

25′ Tape Measure

Layout Line Scoring Tool

Software Program Tools

Timber Frame Compiler Software Program

Hip & Valley Framing | Hawkindale Angle Worksheet Calculator

Hawkindale Angle Calculator App

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