North America Timber Frame Manufacture Directory

(TimberFrameHub) Listed here by area are timber frame manufacturer companies located throughout North America. Share with the many buttons located at the bottom of each page.

Alabama (AL) United States

Southern Timberwrights

Walker Timber Frames

Alaska (AK) United States

Alaska Timberframe

Precision Timberworks

British Columbia (BC) Canada

OT Timber Frames

Purcell Timber Frame Homes

Timbersmith Woodworks

TRC Timberworks

California (CA) United States

Dos Osos Timberworks

Pacific Post & Beam

Timber Creations

Colorado (CO) United States

Arris Timber Works

Brewster Timber Frame

Colorado Timberframe

Frameworks Timber

Rocky Mountain Joinery Center

San Juan Timberwrights

Three Elements Timberworks

Wind River Timberframes

Connecticut (CT) United States

Great Country Timber Frames

Harvest Moon Timber Frame

The Barn Yard

The Barn Raisers

Florida (FL) United States

Universal Timber Structures

Georgia (GA) United States

East County Oak Timber Frames

Period Architecture

Yonah Mountain Timber Frames

Idaho (ID) United States

Collin Beggs Timber Framing

Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes

Teton Timberframe

Illinois (IL) United States

The Edgeworks

Trillium Dell Timberworks

Indiana (IN) United States

The Beamery

Iowa (IA) United States

Wild Rose Timberworks

Signature Post & Beam

Kansas (KS) United States

Clydesdale Frames Co.

Free State Timbersmiths

Kentucky (KY) United States

South Slope Building Co.

Maine (ME) United States

Alder River Timber Frames

Aurora Timberframes & Barns

Benjamin & Company

Black Dog Timberworks

Black Mountain Timber Frames

Kennebec Timber Framing

Mahoosuc Timberframe

Maine Mountain Timber Frames

Rulo Timber Works

Sweet Timber Frames

Maryland (MD) United States

Craftwright Timberframes

Fitzgerald’s Heavy Timber Construction

Northern Maryland Timberworks

Vicco von Voss Timberframing

Massachusetts (MA) United States

Azuma Design Build

Hardwick Post & Beam

Lyonsville Carpenters

Offshore Timber Company

Uncarved Block, Inc.

Michigan (MI) United States

Amazon Timber Frames

Riverbend Timber Framing

Thornapple Timberframe

Timbercraft Homes

Minnesota (MN) United States

Big River Timberworks

Blue Ox Timberframes

Great Northern Woodworks

Missouri (MO) United States

Cook Timberframe Co.

Midwest Custom Timber Frames

Spring River Timber Systems

Montana (MT) United States

Big Timberworks

Centennial Timber Frames

Gallatin Timberwrights

Heritage Fabrication

Rocky Mountain Timber & Log Homes

Wild Mile Woodworks

Nebraska (NE) United States

Sand Creek Post & Beam

New Hampshire (NH) United States


Brooks Post & Beam

Davis Frame Company

Dodgco Timber Framing

Garland Mill Timberframes

Hampshire Timber Frame

Hayward & Company Log & Timber Homes



Undustrial Timber Frames

Ward Timber Frames

White Mountain Housewrights

Yankee Barn Homes

New Jersey (NJ) United States

Restorations Technologies

New York (NY) United States

Amstutz Woodworking

Brunswick Timber Frames

Cooperstown Timberwrights

Empire Timber Framing

Hyland Timber Framing

New Energy Works

New Heritage Woodworking

New Netherland Timber Framing

Timber Frames Inc.


Timeless Timberworks

Tugley Wood Timberframing

Woodford Brothers

North Carolina (NC) United States

Blue Ridge Post & Beam

Broyhill Wiles Log & Timber Frame

Cabin Creek Timber Frames

Carolina Timberworks

Cowee Mountain Timber Framers

Goshen Timber Frames

Hardin Creek Timber Frame & Millwork

Harmony Timberworks

Heirloom Timber Framing

High Country Timberframe

Jeff Johnson Timber Frames

M&K Timber Works

Meridian Timberworks

Mill Creek Post & Beam Co.

New Earth Shelters

Old School Timber Framing

Smoky Mountain Log & Timber Homes

Nova Scotia (NS) Canada

Arlington Timber Frames

Wise Owl Joinery

Ohio (OH) United States

Amish Timber Framers

Christian & Son

Oakbridge Timber Framing

The Sweetgrass Joinery Co.

Woodland Timberframing

Ontario (ON) Canada

Gibson Timber Frames

Pineridge Timberframe

Oregon (OR) United States

Central Oregon Timber Frame Homes

Earthwood Timber Frame Homes

Swiftsure Timberworks

Pennsylvania (PA) United States

Axe Handle Timber

David Yasenchack Timber Framing

Hugh Lofting Timber Framing

Lancaster County Timber Frames

Mid-Atlantic Timberframes

Piney Ridge Timber Frames

Woodhouse Timber Frame Co.

Quebec (QC) Canada

Heirloom Timber Frames

Rhode Island (RI) United States

South County Post & Beam

South Carolina (SC) United States

Accent Truss

Building Art

Fountain Timberworks

Moresun Custom Woodworking

Timber Artisans

South Dakota (SD) United States

Legacy Post & Beam

Tennessee (TN) United States

Grand Oaks Timber Framing

Hearthstone Homes

Homestead Timber Frames

Honest Abe Homes

Mountain Timber Structures

Naturecraft Homes

Blue Heron Timber Works

Texas (TX) United States


Texas Timber Frames

Utah (UT) United States

Western Timber Frame

Vermont (VT) United States

Green Mountain Timber Frames

Groton Timberworks

House In The Woods

Knobb Hill Joinery

New Frameworks

North Woods Joinery

Pioneer Timber Frames

Timber & Iron Artisan Builders


Vermont Frames

Vermont Timber Frames

Vermont Timber Works

Virginia (VA) United States

Bear Dance Joinery

Blue Ridge Timberwrights

Dreaming Creek

Finch Woodworks & Custom Timber Frames

Highland Timber Frame

Streamline Timberframe

Washington (WA) United States

Arrow Timber Framing

Cascade Joinery

San Juan Timberframes

Takumi Company

West Virginia (WV) United States

Heavy Timber Truss & Frame

Wisconsin (WI) United States

Glenville Timberwrights

Wisconsin Log & Timber Homes

Wood Joiners

Wyoming (WY) United States

Gunnstock Timber Frames

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