Timber Framing Tools & Equipment

(TimberFrameHub) Listed here are multiple timber framing tools and equipment. Share this with the many buttons located at the bottom of each page.

Layout Tools

• Tape Measures

25′ Stanley Tape Measure

• Framing Squares

24″x16″ Aluminum Framing Square & Rule

24″x16″ Stainless Framing Square & Rule

Veritas Framing Square Gauge Set

Borneman Layout Template Square & Rule

Layout Tool Speed Square & Rule

12″ Irwin Combination Square & Rule

12″ Sliding T-Bevel Square TB-1 by Bridge City

10″ Transfer Bevel BS-10 by Bridge City

Angle Master AM-1 by Bridge City

Saddle Square SS-4 by Bridge City

Protractor MP-8 by Bridge City

• Marking

Indelible Pencils

Mechanical Pencil

Snap-line Chalk Box

Layout Line Scoring Tool

Tenon Offset Marking Tool

Power Tools

• Chain Mortisers

Mafell Chain Mortiser

Makita Chain Mortiser

• Circular Saws

16-5/16″ Makita Circular Saw

13-1/4″ Makita Circular Saw

10-1/4″ Big Foot Wormdrive Circular Saw

7-1/4″ Skilsaw Wormdrive Circular Saw

• Planers

12-1/4″Makita Beam Planer

6-3/4″ Makita Power Planer

3-1/4″ Festool Rabbet Planer

3-1/8″ Virutex Curved-Sole Planer

• Portable Bandsaws

Mafell Portable Bandsaw

Mikeska Portable Bandsaw

Oliver Portable Bandsaw

Hand Tools

• Saws

12″ Ryoba Handsaw

• Framing Chisels

1-1/2″ Sorby Timber Framing Chisel

1-1/2″ Barr Timber Frame Chisel

Timber Framer’s Bisaiguë

• Mallets

30-Ounce Mallet Wood Is Good

• Planes

Lie-Nielsen No.140 Skew Block Plane

Lie-Nielsen No.10-1/4 Rabbet Bench Plane


Veritas Mk.II Power Sharpening System

Joinery Podger Pins

Lug-All 1/2 Ton Cable Hoist

WoodOwl 1″x18″ Ultra Smooth Auger

Heavy Equipment

• Material Handling

Roust-A-Bout Material Lift

Software Program Tools

Timber Frame Compiler Software Program

Hip & Valley Framing | Hawkindale Angle Worksheet Calculator

Hawkindale Angle Calculator App

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